PE Bowl Cover

PE Bowl Cover

Model No.︰PC-BC01

Brand Name︰PolyCare

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

PE Bowl Cover

Product Description:
PE Bowl Covers are the fastest, easiest way to cover dishes, bowls, and pans of virtually any size and shape. Each PE cover snaps snugly over the edges of your dish, keeping foods fresh and protected whether you're reheating them in the microwave, storing them in the refrigerator, or covering them outdoors.

Specifications and Features:

8 in. (20cm) diameter covers
Good for:
6 in. Diameter bowls

12 in. (30cm) diameter covers
Good for:
11 in. Diameter bowls
8 in. X 8 in. Pans
Dinner plates
Casserole dishes

17 in. (43cm) diameter covers
Good for:
15 in. Diameter bowls
9 in. X 13 in. Pans
Large serving platters